About an additional million cubic meters of gas into the network, the Sharifa 2 and Sharifa 104 wells were brought into production

In record time and with pure national experience, the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources cadres succeeded in adding approximately one million cubic meters of gas to the network by introducing Sharifa 2 and Sharifa 104 wells into production from Sharifa fields east of Homs, and connecting the field to the network. The lines were completed in a record time of 15 days to meet the increasing demand for gas for the power stations through the continuous intensification of the workshops and with national expertise in cooperation with the Military Construction Company with a length of 16 km and a diameter of 8 inches, after which the line was scrapped and connected to the Qumqum gas station. And it is expected that this additional amount of gas will have a good effect on the reality of the electrical supply.