SGC's Organizational Structure consists of:

It has the following offices:

1. The Secretariat and follow-up office shall receive and arrange for the correspondences of the General Director and his assistant, prepare and follow up the correspondence concerning the General Director and his assistants, arrange the daily work program as instructed by the General Director, prepare oral and written translations and maintain confidential correspondence.

2. The Advisory Office shall prepare financial, legal, technical and economic consultations on matters referred by the Director General.

3. The Office of Foreign Relations and Information shall receive and ensure the staying of visiting delegations. It shall require the necessary procedures for the travel of the Director General and accompanying delegations inside and outside the country on official missions , and reception of foreigners wishing to discuss or sign a contract or hold seminars. Directing the press, interviews, radio and television interviews with the Manager General.

The Directorate of Developing & Exploiting Natural Gas presides the implementation of the company's policy regarding the assemble , separation, processing and transportation of gas projects in coordination with other directorates , following up the drilling and equipping of the gas wells with the relevant authorities, following up the production tests, preparing the economic studies,and preparation of explanatory notes for new projects On existing facilities.

The Directorate of Developing & Exploiting Natural Gas includes the stations of Ark, Alhilab, Al-Nabiyat, Najeeb and Al-Sokhna, with a total processing capacity of 7 million m3 / day

The Directorate of Technical Affairs shall prepare programs for the use of the company's specific mechanisms, for technical and engineering inspection of the existing establishments in coordination with the directorates and the concerned authorities, prepare technical reports with recommendations and proposals, follow up the movement of stagnant materials in the company's warehouses and submit the appropriate proposals in terms of quantity and type, availability in stores and the way to be used by.

The Directorate of Gas Transport and Distribution shall implement the Company's plans concerning the transportation and distribution of natural gas, operation and investment of transmission and distribution lines and its facilities (compressor stations, measuring stations, pressure reduction ...) Preparing the technical tender books related to exploiting and maintaining Gas Transport and Distribution facilities, and Gas and calibration of counters and gauges of gas at the delivery facilities.

The Directorate of Gas Investment in El-Hassakeh receives the gas from the Directorate of Al-Hassakeh fields and collects, separates and transfers gas to the treatment plant and consumables, and invests and operates and maintains the processing plant and gas stations with all facilities belonging to

The Directorate of Gas Investment in Al-Jbesseh took over the receipt of gas from the Directorate of Al-jbesseh Fields, the collection, separation and transportation of gas to the processing plant and the consumers, the investment, operation and maintenance of the treatment plant and the gas stations with all the facilities and facilities associated with it and the processing of the received gas and the production of clean gas to generate electric power and produce gas Household, solvents and sulfur as products for gas treatment.

The Directorate of Gas Investment in Deir Al-Zour receives the gas of the Deir Al-Zour area from the fields of the Euphrates Oil Company and the Deir Al-Zour Petroleum company and the Syrian Petroleum Company for collecting separating and transporting gas to the processing plant and the nearby financial institutions , and the investment and operation and maintenance of the processing plant and gas stations with all related facilities and treatment of received Gas and the production of clean gas, domestic gas and hydrocarbon condensates.

The Administrative Development Directorate is responsible for implementing the administrative reform program, managing and developing human resources, preparing management and improving systems performance, carrying out all work related to employees affairs, developing training and qualification plans, following up their implementation, evaluating their impact, raising level of administrative and technical knowledge, and enriching awareness of administrative development.

The Directorate of Planning, Informatics will prepare the company's five-year plans for investment and productivity, follow up the implementation of approved plans, conduct economic studies, prepare a draft plan of the company from the manpower and follow up the development of the company's IT systems and oversee its implementation with regard to computer systems, qualification and availability of equipment, computer equipment and networks.

The Directorate of Financial Affairs shall implement the laws and financial regulations in force and receive the internal and external contracts from the Directorate of Contracts and Procurement and work on their implementation in accordance with the laws and in the interest of the company , and the liquidation of all expenses in accordance with the financial regulations in force , and the maintenance of the records necessary for the proper work, and propose the financial plan of the company and applying it starting from the maintenance contract until it reaches the registration stage in the accounts.

The Directorate of Contracts and Procurement shall ensure the Company's requirements of raw materials, manufactured and necessary equipment in accordance with the applicable regulations and the conclusion of contracts for gas purchase and sale and the products thereof , and work upon the laws and regulations in force for the procurement of labor supply contracts and work as per the laws and regulations in force to provide direct purchase through procurement committees.

The Directorate of Administrative and Legal Affairs follow-up and control the implementation of medical and social services, and offer opinions concerning the administrative and legal aspects related to the company's work , and to study the administrative and legal problems and work to find solutions .

The Directorate of Accounts shall implement the accounting laws and regulations in force, audit the registration of the accounting records in the central administration, carry out the monthly reconciliation of the funds accounts, prepare the final accounts and prepare periodic reports to indicate the financial situation of the company and with the participation of the Directorate of Financial Affairs when necessary and respond to the reports of the Central Agency for Financial Supervision in collaboration with other bodies.

The Directorate of Internal Censorship shall assume responsibility for economic crimes, other offenses, crimes committed against public funds done in the company, custody of its facts and its equivalence until the competent authorities direct them and inform the commission of violations and crimes committed to the General Directorate and the Central Control and Inspection Authority under registered telephones or books or mobile cables depending on the importance of the case and the required speed factor, and propose inspecting plans in the Central Administration and the compilation of internal control plans from different sites of the company and submit these plans to the General Administration for adoption as a unified plan of The company Internal Censorship in executing and monitoring of specific works and inspection according to approved plan set by the General Administration in agreement with the Central Authority for the Supervision and Inspection.