All units of the South Central Region Gas Plant return to work after the terrorist attack.

Eng. Ghassan Tarraf, The General Manager of the Syrian Gas Company, said: With continuous efforts by the technicians of the Syrian Gas Company, within a record time of 60 hours since the date of the targeting of the plant, all the plant units have returned to work after completing all repair operations and removing traces The aggression that occurred on each of the gas plant in the south of the central region, east of Homs, 60 kilometers, and the Al-Rayyan gas station, 20 kilometers east of the city of Homs. And the Director General indicated that one of the shells in the South middle area plant led to a fire in one of the working units, and the intervention was immediately carried out by the staff present in the plant, and the main gas line was transferred to a pre-equipped emergency line and the affected parts were isolated and dealt was done. With the fire and extinguishing it during a record period before spreading to the rest of the units through the firefighting staff, and immediately the workshops were directed to assess the damage and begin rehabilitation, and within 60 continuous working hours, the entire work was completed and the entire units were put into service, while in Al Rayyan station it was The damage was minor, as three shells fell. Regarding the Sharifa gas project, Mr. Tarraf said: It was put into production on the fifteenth of this month by linking the Sharifa wells 104 / and / 2 / with a line of 8 inches in diameter and 16 km in length with a production capacity of one million cubic meters of gas per day. The project was implemented with national expertise during a record period that did not exceed 15 days.