The first productive board for the year 2020

In the presence of the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Eng. Bassam Tohme, the Governor of Homs, Eng. Bassam Parsik, comrade Dr. Muhammad Al-Saj, member of the Homs branch leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Mr. Abdel Moein Hamidi, President of the Professional Union of Oil Workers and Chemical Industries, and Mr. Hafez Khunsar, President of the Union of workers in Homs and Mr. Eng. Ghassan Ali Tarraf, General Manager of the Syrian Gas Company, Chairman of the Production board , and the Head of the Office of the Oil Workers Syndicate in Homs, and the heads of the trade union committees in the Syrian Gas Company. The production board for the year 2020 was opened in the Syrian Gas Company - Directorate of Gas exploiting South of the Central Region, After touring the main sections of the factory and seeing the production process, the guests praised the efforts of the employees of the company and their continued production process despite all the circumstances, and that they were the surrogate for the Syrian Arab Army in rehabilitating and repairing the invasive facilities after being subjected to many terrorist attacks. Eng. Ghassan Ali Tarraf, General Manager of the Syrian Gas Company, stated that the production board is an evaluation station for all the activities carried out by the company during the previous period of implementing the production, exploiting and ongoing plans, and setting future work plans for the following year. The activities of the Syrian Gas Company were presented and discussed during the year 2019 and three quarters of the year 2020, as the company achieved all the annual plans established (productivity - exploiting - current) during the previous period, as a result of concerted efforts and reliance on local manufacturing of the damaged parts and with national experiences that achieved The company has savings exceeded 3.5 billion Syrian pounds. Among the most important projects that the company is currently implementing: - A project to supply and install compressors, turbines and gas pumps at the entrance to the South of middle area Gas Plant, the project aims to maintain the continued exploiting of the gas available in the fields of the plant and surrounding the plant and to extract the largest possible amount of gas reserves and that In order to increase the quantities of gas available. - North Damascus project: The project aims to exploit gas from the wells of Qara, Al-Bureij, Deir Atiyah and the fields surrounding the area. - Rehabilitation project for Al-Ark station, where the station was sabotaged by armed terrorist groups - Project to establish a line and a pressure reduction station in Lattakia: where the project is implemented in cooperation with the General Establishment for Electricity Generation through the construction of a gas line with a length of about 75 km and a diameter of 24 inch extending from the Banias gas station To Lattakia, the Rastin area, and the goal of the project is to supply the power plant, which is currently under implementation and gives the station a capacity of about 526 MWh, in addition to many projects that aim to connect the new gas wells as soon as the drilling work is completed by the Syrian company Oil, in addition to carrying out many important adjustments in all our gas facilities, especially the South of middle area Gas Plant and the gas network, with the aim of increasing operational flexibility and maintaining gas supplies in cases of emergency and terrorist attacks.